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Something About Cristie

Cristie Lane Sotana Tayde, of BC Happy Homes Canada Immigration Consultancy was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Cristie attended the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation from the Faculty of Forestry, and eventually selected to be grandfathered into the Global Perspectives Major.  

In 2009, Cristie decided to dedicate herself to BC Happy Homes and the immigration consultancy profession.  Cristie returned to UBC, but this time to pursue a continuing studies in Canada Immigration Practitioner Course.  Cristie completed the course and immediately challenged the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants exam.  She has then joined her mother as a full-fledged Certified Canada Immigration Consultant and has been a full member of the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants ever since.

Besides being a full time mom for 2 beautiful children, Nathaline and Geyo, and doing Canada Immigration consultancy, Cristie also teaches Canada Immigration Law Courses for prospective Canada Immigration Consultants.

Cristie accompanies her mother on frequent travels to the Philippines, where they run several offices, headed by her dad Gercris Sotana, and hold seminars in various locations.  Through what has now evolved into a family business enterprise, Natie and Cristie have been able to assist people from many countries and cultures to come to Canada. 

In the future, Cristie hopes to further her studies and knowledge in Immigration Law, and continue to build on the company's honest and valuable services made recognizable through her mother's continuous efforts and service. We believe in Canada and we believe that everyone should have a chance to experience its beauty and the Canadian way of life. In Canada, YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT! and that is what we are striving every single day to give to our ever growing clientele.




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