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A Quick View of Canada


Canada is famous for its stunning natural beauty, its gorgeous cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, its Canadian Hockey, and it’s high quality of life in general. It is also famous for other things as well like the Canadian maple syrup, Canadian ice wine, fishing, hunting and its overall cleanliness.

Canada would always come up at the top of any kind of surveys for places people most likely to live and raise their family. Canada is known for its prosperity, values, diversity and multiculturalism. Canada is open for immigration and welcomes anybody who is qualified to apply. As immigration to Canada is in constant change, BC HAPPY HOMES CANADA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY regularly checks and updates applicants on all current changes with regards to immigration.


Canada is a country with two official languages, French and English, and as such there are many different cultural and ethnic groups that live and work here in harmony. Canada is a very large country with an area of 10 million square kilometres, but it has a fairly small population. About 36 million people live here. Canada has 10 provinces and three territories.  To imagine and compare how big Canada is, it is more than 33 times bigger than the Philippines.                        

Canada's economy is based on a combination of many industries. There are three main types of industries in Canada; natural resources, manufacturing and services.

Natural resource industries include forestry, fishing, agriculture, mining and energy. Manufacturing industries make products to sell in Canada and around the world. Manufactured products include paper, automobiles, food, clothing, etc. Our largest international trading partner is the United States.

Service industries provide thousands of different jobs in areas like transportation, education, health care, construction, banking, communications and government. Over 70 percent of working Canadians now are employed in the service industries.



Canadians Celebrate Holidays like any other cultures. Canadian holidays include New Years Day, Valentine’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Labour Day, Canada Day, Thanks Giving Day, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas and Boxing Day, etc.


These holidays are usually celebrated with family and friends gathered around the dining table to share a baked turkey, ham, and other sumptuous Canadian and ethnic food. Although each and every holiday is celebrated differently, one of the most celebrated holidays is Halloween which is celebrated every October 31.

Government Programs


Generally, education in Canada is free until grade 12. However, if you choose to send your children to a private school, you can also do so, for a fee.

Upon arrival, you should enrol your child in school as soon as possible. The first step is to call or arrange to visit your local school.

Bring your child's:

. Birth certificate;
. Immigration landing papers;
. passport;
. health (medical) records; and
. school records.

The school will decide which grade your child should attend. If the school feels that your child needs lessons in English or French, he or she may be enrolled in special classes.

Children Playing

Children with Special Needs

Children with mental and/or physical disabilities also have a right to a free public education. Classes for these students are often held within the regular schools. However, some schools are designed especially for students with particular needs, such as children who are blind or deaf.

Education System

Federal and Provincial governments provide certain amount of money every month for the upbringing of each child. The amount depends upon the income earned by the parents in the last year.

Kids in Park

Maternity Leave

At present, Canadian residents is entitled for a twelve months maternity leave if they bear a child. This maternity leave can be shared by both parents if they wish to do so.

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Childcare Benefit

Happy Man

In most cases you must have worked a minimum of 420 - 720 insurable hours to qualify for EI. The basic benefit rate is 55% of your average insured earnings.

Happy Woman

Social Welfare Allowance

A Canadian resident is entitled to social welfare allowance from the government if he/she is unable to support himself/herself and is not able to get any job.

Unemployment Insurance

A Canadian resident is entitled under the Canadian Pension Plan to receive a retirement pension. It depends upon the age at which he/she chooses to opt for the plan and is optimal at age 65. The amount could be different for each individual, it depends upon the contribution made to the plan or the years worked in Canada.

Senior Couple

Old Age Pension

A Canadian resident is entitled to old age pension in Canada. The amount of pension will depend upon the number of years-lived in Canada.

Old Lady

Pension Plan

Friendly Young Doctor

Canada has one of the finest health care systems in the world. Excellent hospitals, clinics or doctors' offices are located in most communities. Their services are usually available free of charge to all residents of Canada registered under the national health insurance program

Doctor's Appointment


Canada's national health insurance program, sometimes known as Medicare, pays for most necessary medical services. You must have an official health card from the province you live in to qualify for Medicare. Your Medicare card allows you to get to medical services from a licensed medical doctor (MD). Medicare does not pay for prescription medicines. Medicare coverage is a little different in each province. There may be a fee for getting Medicare in some provinces.

Healthcare System

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